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Yamuna is the life line and this life line is becoming lifeless day by day. Wake up AGRA!!

The earth is fast running out of clean drinking water. Lots of people-in Rajasthan state, for example, they have to walk long distance everyday to find drinking water. We have turned our rivers into huge dustbins. They poison that flow into them from industries and homes.

The Yamuna is one of the most polluted rivers in the world. It is Delhi’s main source of water supply but it is slowly becoming the river of death. Actually, even in the Hindu mythology, the Yamuna is the sister of Yama, the god of death! The Yamuna enters Delhi at Wazirebad in the north and leaves it at Okhla in the south. Between these two points –a distance of just 25 kilometers the rivers collects 71% of its total waste water!

When polluted river water reaches the ocean, they also get polluted. Plastics dumped into the oceans are probably the most dangerous. They float on the surface, destroying the marine animals that eat them. Many marine organisms have been badly affected by chemicals wastes. Imagine if all the colorful fish and other fantastic sea creatures were to die one day!

What can we do?
We can o a lot to clean up the mess we have made. The industries must be made to clean up the water that flows out of them. For this, they will have to spend money. People like you and I can make the government force industries to recycle water.

We also need to be careful while using the drinking water at home. Millions of people in India to not find safe drinking water and every drop of clean water are precious. There are a number of ways in which you can save at home. Use as little water as possible while brushing teeth, taking a bath, washing clothes and dishes, and watering plants. Make sure that leaking taps or tanks are quickly repaired, form a little group of your family and friends to keep looking for few new ways of saving water.