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टेम्स की तर्ज पर होगा यमुना शुद्धीकरण

आगरा, जागरण संवाददाता: यमुना को मूल स्वरूप में भले न लाया जा सके, लेकिन उसकी बदहाली काफी हद तक कम की जा सकती है। यह कहना है पीस इंस्टीट्यूट चैरिटेबल ट्रस्ट (पीआईसीटी) के निदेशक और प्रख्यात पर्यावरणविद् मनोज मिश्र का। वे लंदन के टेम्स रिवर रेस्टोरेशन ट्रस्ट (टीआरआरटी) के सहयोग से कालिंदी को साफ करने […]

Save yamuna Agra

Yamuna is the life line and this life line is becoming lifeless day by day. Wake up AGRA!! The earth is fast running out of clean drinking water. Lots of people-in Rajasthan state, for example, they have to walk long distance everyday to find drinking water. We have turned our rivers into huge dustbins. They poison […]


Pt. Ashwini Kumar Mishra, the founder and president of Shri Guru Vashishtha Manav Sarvangin Vikas Sewa Samiti, Rawat Para, Agra 282003.           Pt. Ashwini Kumar Mishra was born on December 1, 1960 at a village named ‘Sahjaur’ formerly district Varanasi (at present district ‘Chandauli’). He is the youngest (sixth son) of Pt. Vasudev Mishra and Shrimati Sonpati Mishra.           […]


1. INTRODUCTION            The Yamuna river originates from Yamunotri at Uttrakhand in India. It is called by the name of ‘Kalindi’ as it flowed from the Himalaya at the hill of Kalinda mountain and rushed with a gurgling sound in the form of a great river. It flows through many religious places of Braj region the area of Vrindavan, […]