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Pt. Ashwini Kumar Mishra, the founder and president of Shri Guru Vashishtha Manav Sarvangin Vikas Sewa Samiti, Rawat Para, Agra 282003.
Pt. Ashwini Kumar Mishra was born on December 1, 1960 at a village named ‘Sahjaur’ formerly district Varanasi (at present district ‘Chandauli’). He is the youngest (sixth son) of Pt. Vasudev Mishra and Shrimati Sonpati Mishra.

Our Vision

He passed B.A. and B.Ed. from Gorukhpur University. He obtained the Diploma of Journalism from Dr. Ambedkar University, Agra.
Pt. Mishra has been living in Agra since 1990 and working as a devotee of Lord Krishna in the temple of ‘Shri Radhika Bansibat Bihari Ji Maharaj’.
It is by the destiny of fate that Pt. Ashwini’s birth place belongs to the bank of river Ganga while his performances belong to the bank of river Yamuna. Thus we can say that Pt. Mishra is a link to connect Ganga and Yamuna together. He loves both Ganga and Yamuna equally.
In 1990, when he saw the polluted look of Yamuna, he was somewhat grieved to see the river. Associated with the purvanchal families, he performed ‘The Chhath Puja’ that is called religious performance according to Hindu Religion. This Religious ceremony is performed at the spot where there is some river, pond, puddle or canal. By this ceremony ‘Surya Dev’ (Sun) is offered water mixed with milk. Pt. Mishra conducted an incomparable tradition in Agra and the people of all the Religions admired this ceremony.
Having seen the polluted condition of river Yamuna, Pt. Mishra decided to get river free from pollution. For this, he made a survey of about 200 villages close to Yamuna between Mathura and Agra, schools, colleges and met farmers and village headmen. All of them promised him to provide full co-operation to make Yamuna ever flowing and free from pollution. He made all of them trained for rain water harvesting, plantation, to stop the use of polythene to save the environment in the nature.
Having being stirred with the wretched condition of Yamuna, Pt. A.K. Mishra, all alone, started the movement of Yamuna Satyagrah, on June 13, 2008 and it is going on unstopped since then.
This Satyagrah means ‘Yamuna Bachao Campaign’. Several people stood against this campaign but Pt. Mishra became firm like a rock to meet his aim. He is determined to continue his movement till the river becomes free from pollution. He wants to see the scene of Yamuna full of natural and verdant beauty.
He arranged several social activities in the favour of Yamuna Purification Programme. He arranged camps and conferences to make the people aware of the water pollution, ground water misuse and environmental pollution.
Undergoing several oppositions and obstacles, he got success in building the ‘Balkeshwar Ghat’. For making Yamuna river ever running, he performed several religious, social and national activities. He won the favour of numberless people through ‘Signature Campaign’. He has been demanding natural S.T.P. and deploying the River Police for the safety of Yamuna water. He demands thick plantation on both the sides of river Yamuna.
He has been giving his supporting co-operation to some other social, national and environmental organizations such as – PEACE Institute Charitable Trust, Ekta Parishad, Tarun Bharat Sangh (Jal Biradari), Purvanchal Dev Aradhana, U.N.D.P. and other organizations as well.
Now for last two years, he has been working as a member of Yamuna water keeper (mid lower) from Delhi Okhla Dam to Etawah (U.P.) concerning environment and ecology. He has been honoured by several organizations for his service as a ‘Yamuna Satyagrahi’.
We wish for the bright future and success of such a person who is determined and devoted to his mission.
Writer – Ram Charan Sharma
(Rtd. Vice Principal)
Information Provider : Dheeraj Mohan Singhal
(Social Worker